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Solutions for PayUMoney integration errors and problems

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At the time of integrating PayUMoney payment gateway, I received ‘Sorry, Some Problem Occurred’ message. I used valid PayUMoney merchant key and salt, I received this error.

Everything looked fine to me. The exception did not says clearly what is missing ?

First I created my merchant account with PayUMoney. Immediately I got website integration details. I logged into my account and noted down my Merchant Key and Salt. In addition to this, I downloaded PayUMoney integration code.

Note : Please read step by step guide to create PayUMoney merchant account.

The next step was to integrate it to my website. I followed every step but I received this error. I received ‘sorry some error occurred’ message on my screen. My application closed due to this error.

Note : Please read step by step guide to integrate PayUMoney in your website.

Two Types of PayUMoney integration errors

  1. Error occurred due to account activation.
  2. Error occurred due to integration code.

Type 1. Problem or errors occurred due to account activation

First of all we will discuss the errors which occurs due to account not active. Under this heading we will see problems occurred due to account activation.

Reasons for ‘Sorry, Some Problem Occurred’ error message

Even though I used valid merchant key and salt, I received this error. There is certain reasons due to which you may fall into this problem

Reason 1 : Not using valid merchant key and salt :

Do not use merchant key and salt of production environment in sandbox. In case you are doing so, you are liable to get this error. Same way you should not use Sandbox environment credentials for production environment. In case of PayUMoney merchant key and salt is different for production and sandbox environment.

Reason 2 : PayUMoney account is not activated :

Once you register with PayUmoney website, you get your credentials immediately. Wait! You have credentials but  your account is not activated.

Recently PayUMoney has changed their process. This is for both production and sandbox. To start with website integration, you need an active account. So get your account activated. After that you can start integration. This is due to spammers and fake users. Spammers are always bad. To stop bad practices, they follow legal process.

PayUmoney sends legal agreement paper at your business address. Please sign the agreement. Once it is signed, send it back to PayUMoney. Once they receive signed agreement, they approve your account. They will activate your test account in a day or two. Please take help of their customer support to understand it.

Once your account is active, you can test your integration code. It will work. You can start receiving payments as well.

In case you have made above two mistakes, please correct them.

Type 2. Problem or errors occurred due to integration code

You also receive PayUMoney integration errors due to improper code. Keeping above notes in mind, you have to also make sure few points.

Please make sure all the mandatory fields are entered. List of mandatory fields – First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Id and address.

Apart from this, please send new transaction id for each transaction. Failing to these requirements can give an error.

Do you need professional services for PayUMoney payment gateway integration ? I can do it for you. Please contact me.

Last but not the least. Do you have received any error while PayUMoney integration? If yes, Please drop a comment to this post. I will solve your problem.

Hope you have liked our article. Moreover, please read Hosted page Vs Embedded form Vs Overlay form by payment gateways. This article explains various payment forms.

Comments (12)

  • Hello,
    I’m integrating Android SDK.

    I’m getting error like “Some error occurred! Try again”
    Here is link of issue that I faced and many other user faces : https://github.com/payu-intrepos/PayUMoney-Android-SDK/issues/3

    I’m facing this error in test mode too
    You have mention to add all the parameters while generating payment parameters.
    First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Id and address.

    But there is no method to set Lastname and Address fields in SDK

    Can you guide me how can I resolve it?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi,I am getting the error while integrating with payu as “Sorry, Some Problem Occurred.”. I have used my testing credentials and also post all the attributes properly as per doc.

  • Sorry, Some Problem Occurred. problem occurred for payUmoney intrigation what i do..

  • I am facing ‘Error in adding payment’ while call bolt.launch(data,handler). Can anyone please help me out on this

  • Error in adding payment

  • Not able to contact support team. In my profile I am not having integration option, and also I can’t see if it is in test mode or production mode

  • I am having a shopify store
    I applied merchant key and salt key but still pay u is showing the same error even after applying the keys again
    Kindly help me

  • Unable use the PAy u Money option in our website , facing the issue like

    Oh Fish !
    Something went wrong , please try again
    Back to merchant
    You will be redirected to merchant page in 1 seconds
    Secure payment by citrus

    Error in adding payment


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