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Lightsail Vs EC2

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In this article we will discuss about Lightsail and EC2 differences. Simply Lightsail vs Ec2 instance. Now let us walk through readers questions about Lightsail and EC2.

How is Lightsail administration different from EC2 ?

Lightsail requires less administrative skills while EC2 needs extensive knowledge on deployments. 

When you use EC2 for small applications, it’s fine. But as your use increases you need sound knowledge on servers to maintain your application.

Lightsail has a preconfigured template to install applications. You need less server knowledge to operate Lightsail.

Does Lightsail have private subnets ?

Lightsail has no concept of private subnets but EC2 has. 

Is Lightsail scalable like EC2 ?

Lightsail scalability compared to EC2 is less. As stated earlier Amazon Lightsail has preconfigured templates to install applications. So once the application installed you can not make further changes. 

In case of any technology changes you need to reinstall everything. In that case your snapshots are also not useful.

But in case of EC2 you can install and reinstall any application as per uses.

In the case of Lightsail you can manage all the resources from one console. But to manage resources on EC2, you need to login to different consoles.

Is Lightsail better than EC2?

There is no comparison. Both have uses as per your application. You can extend Ec2 to any limit. Lightsail needs less knowledge on EC2. 

Lightsail has preconfigured templates. It has a set of applications which you can install in one shopt. While in case of EC2 you need to configure each server and programming language manually using the EC2 console.

Small to large applications uses EC2. Lightsail is for small applications. In case application uses are increasing you can migrate from Lightsail to EC2.

Is AWS Lightsail PaaS?

Yes, Deploying applications in Lightsail is possible with a few clicks. Provides an all-in-one experience. It is like a platform as a service.

Is AWS Lightsail fast?

Yes, AWS Lightsail performs like an EC2 instance. It is faster and performance wise it is equivalent to EC2.

Is Lightsail highly available?

Lightsail is highly available. It has an uptime guarantee like EC2. 

Is Lightsail part of EC2?

Exactly. Lightsail builds on top of EC2. So it is like an EC2 instance where you can deploy your application using preconfigured templates.

Lightsail uses templates which are installation scripts. You can select any template related scripts will run and required applications will get installed.

Is Lightsail more expensive than EC2?

No, AWS Lightsail offers less cost than EC2. Users charged a fixed amount on a monthly basis. While EC2 costs as per uses. 

EC2 charges less than Lightsail in case your uses are low. But in case you are new and your uses are less but not limited then Lightsail is better than EC2. 

Once your application grows, you can migrate to EC2.

Can I upgrade to AWS EC2 from Lightsail?

Yes, You can upgrade from Lightsail to Amazon EC2 as your application grows. You can do it using the “Upgrade to EC2” wizard to migrate your application from Lightsail to EC2.

Please read well written article which helps you to upgrade from Lightsail to EC2

In most of the cases developers migrate their application from Lightsail to EC2 instance. It is as simple as migrating your website from one server to another one.


Readers always questions about Lightsail vs Ec2 since the day Lightsail launched.

Hope you got a good idea about Amazon Lightsail and EC2 instance after reading this article. Please read this article to know what can we do using Amazon Lightsail.

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