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Hosted page Vs Embedded form Vs Overlay forms by payment gateways

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In this article we will learn about hosted page vs embedded form vs overlay forms provided by payment gateways. Basically, these are payment collection forms provided by payment gateways to collect payments.

As we know that payment gateway is an integral part of any e-commerce or service based websites. Payment gateways provide various kind of forms to collect payments from users.

Basically forms smooth the process of payment processing. Website owners can use these payment forms as per their website design.

So now let us know various forms offered by payment gateway providers. In other words we can say different forms mostly websites use to collect payment.

Various forms website use to collect payment

Basically payment gateways provide 2 kind of forms to collect payments from user. Now a days payment gateways introduced overlay forms also for payment collection. In fact, Overlay forms are also termed as Embedded payment forms.

So we can say that payment gateways provide below listed forms including Overlay forms.

  • Hosted page
  • Embedded form
  • Overlay form (It is also an embedded form)

In this article we will read about the above mentioned forms one by one.

Hosted page by payment gateways

Hosted pages are hosted on payment gateway server itself. In this case, website owners do not require PCI DSS compliance.

Since the main payment form is hosted on payment gateway server. Payment gateway provider manages all the compliances.

So in this case, the end user redirected from the application to the payment gateway page. Further, user provides the payment details like credit card, net banking and other details on payment gateway website.

Since user fills payment details on payment gateway website, business no need to maintain PCI DSS compliance separately. Website owners no need to do validation for payments. Payment gateway provider will take care of validation and other compliances.


Three Kind of forms

Embedded form

So, you have got an idea about hosted page. Further, let us read about Embedded forms.

These days almost all the payment gateway companies provides Embedded forms. It makes payment easy. Moreover, companies want a faster checkout. Embedded forms smooth checkouts process.

In this case, website owners just need to create a simple form and host in their website. Users can fill the details and process the payment.

Since the payment form is hosted on business owner’s website, need to manage payment compliances. Website owner needs to maintain PCI DSS compliances in this case.

Overlay form

Overlay forms are likely similar to Embedded forms. Also termed as Embedded forms. Overlay forms appear as pop up when user clicks on payment link.

Afterwards user can provide the payment details and process the payment. In this case website user needs to maintain PCI DSS compliance as the payment details pass through his website.

Moreover, some payment gateways like Razorpay solves this kind of compliance problems. Razorpay sends and receive data using their own API so website owners are safe from payment compliances.

We are not sure about other payment gateways who solves this issue. Please check with your payment gateways for further details. One of our customer uses Razorpay so we know about it.


Thanks for reading this article! We believe you enjoyed reading this simple article.

You may be thinking which forms you should use. So answer is, it depends on your website type and user experience.

For example, if you are running a NGO website, you can use Embedded form for quick checkout. Moreover, please check about compliances with your payment gateway provider.

In case of e-commerce website, you can go with Hosted page. Because there are security threats. If you are new to web hosting, please go with hosted page.

Overlay forms are good for bloggers. Bloggers prefer styled forms. So this is the most suitable for them.

Above all, you can use any of above mentioned forms for your website. It depends on you.

Moreover, in case you need any suggestion please feel free to drop a comment. Our team will suggest you as per your business requirement.

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