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Don’t be a SEO Keyword slave believe in quality content

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If you do blogging, then you must have heard that whenever we write an article, we should take care of the keywords so that our article can be ranked. Many blogging websites and SEO experts write about this.

But today in this article I am going to tell you that whenever you have written an article, write it without keywords. Write original article.

In short do not become seo keywords slave. If you want to become a successful blogger then focus on your reader’s interest.

Why one should not write keywords based artciles

When article become subject to keywords, then our articles revolve around that keyword. We are not able to write the real subject which we should write about.

When we write an original article, we will write all those things in our mind which are according to our experience.

Those who read that article will also like it. But when you write keyword inspired articles, then you have to write all the things around that keyword only. Will not be able to write an inspirational and informative article because of this.

Let me give you an example. I have written an article how to learn Spring Framework.

When you read this article, you will find that I have not used any keyword in it. But this article ranks for many keywords.

Whenever you search for tips for learning spring framework, the rank of my article is good.

This happens because I have written this article based on my actual experience. Because of which this article is liked by the people. The bounce rate of this article is also low and its user engagement is also high.

When the user engagement is high and the reader stays on it for a long time, then Google also raises the rank of that article.

Think for yourself how your user engagement is when you write a fake SEO optimized article. When you write an article which is according to your experience, then you will also feel that there is a lot of difference in the user engagement of both the articles.

So through this article, I just want to tell you that you should never write fake articles which are keyword driven.

Are you solving readers real question?

Search engines always give importance to user experience. You can rank your article in Google, Bing and Yahoo with the help of keywords, but if your user experience is not good, then search engines slowly downgrade your article.

That’s why never give your readers keywords based articles. You can use any SEO tool like Yoast, All in one SEO or Rank Math but you should not become their slave.


Do not become SEO keyword slave, always focus on your readers! You should always write articles based on original uniqueness and experience. If you do this, then it is easy for you to write articles and the reader also likes them.

If you write a good and genuine article, then the reader will prefer your website again and again. Hey user, once he comes to your blog, he comes to your blog again.

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