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Know about Sitenol services :

SITENOL team to provides services related to website design, development and hosting. Please go through the listed services provided in this article.

1. Web Hosting & Migration Services

As you know for hosting a website we need good, reliable, affordable and scalable web hosting. We use to provide technical support for web hosting. Our team provide website, ecommerce and blog setup migration.

We provide support for DNS setup. We can hep you in A record, Nameserver, MX record and all kind of DNS related setup.

SITENOL team provide professional support for complete website migration. We can migrate your website from one server to another server. In fact, we support all kind of migration for e-commerce website, any kind of website and WordPress blog.

Our team can fix SEO, fuctional & coding bugs in any websites.

We can migrate/backup/setup your Database from one Server to another Server.

2. Web Design and Development

Our team can design custom and eye caching logo for your website, blog and ecommerce websites.

We have worked on responsive templates designing for many websites, blogs & ecommerce websites. All website designed me would be responsive. our desinged websites support all kind of browsers. Please reach us in case you need any web development services.

It takes just one day to completely starts a 5 page website. For large websites I can provide time line according to your requirement.

We can design websites using PHP, JQuery, Angular, Node JS, Spring, Spring Boot, EJB, Hibernate, Java Script, HTML5, CSS3, Java and its related technologies.

Please feel free to contact us. You can send email to for further communication.

3. High quality unique content writing services

We can write unique and plagiarism free content for your website.As of now our focus is on so we are not supporting this service.

4. Online tutoring & YouTube channel

Our team use to give training to students on website design, development and web hosting. The topics we use to cover is CORE JAVA,SERVLET, JSP, SPRING, EJB, HIBERNATE, MYSQL, IDE (ECLIPSE/NETBEANS), TOMCAT, APACHE HTTP SERVER, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, WORDPRESS.

This training is specially for Job searching professionals. I use Skype and Teamviewer to provide online training.

There are other social media tools present to provide training like Facebook, Google Hangouts.

You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn more on the latest technologies.

5. Website security, SSL installation and maintenance services

Internet is not safe. Securing and optimizing website/blog is necessary. Failing to do so may cause for website hacking. You will end up badly if you do not backup your website. We can make your blog/website secure and optimize.

SITENOL team can secure your website and will maintain backup of your website. We use to charge few dollars per month for this service. You can hire us for website maintenance and can focus on your business growth.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SITENOL rank higher for few keywords. Our team can make your ecommerce website/blog/website to rank higher. We follow combination of Google, Bing, Yahoo & Yandex search engines SEO guidelines.

We can boost your website traffic. For doing this we may also change your content to make it unique. Apart from this, we may redesign your website if required. We will do all these to meet Google search ranking algorithms.

7. Fixing Search engines Penalties (Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex)

Search engines for example Google penalizes websites for many reasons. By the way, there are many factors for this. For example wrong SEO practices, non responsive website, more load time etc..

Surely, SITENOL team can help you to come out from these penalties. We can make your website speed faster, fix SEO errors, rewrite content and can redesign your complete website for fixing issues.

8. Google tools services for a website

Google provide all the required tools for your website management. For example Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Search Console & Google Insight for page speed testing.

Mostly, we prefer these Google services to analyze a website traffic and SEO errors.

What do we offer ?

We set up Google Analytics, Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tool) properties for your website.

We also prepare and submit a sitemap for your website. In fact, sitemap is key for a search engine to crawl your website.

Moreover, we find 404 errors of a website and fix it using .htaccess. Apart from that, we create a custom 404 handling page to give better user experience.

As a valid robots.txt file required for proper website crawling. So we prepare robots.txt file for enabling proper page and posts crawling.

In addition to this, we prepare report of broken links for the site and fix it. Not only report but fix the errors also.

Additionally, we provide an enhanced and highly searched keyword on Google. In result, it led websites listed in the SERPs and increase the quality click through rates.

Firstly, we will make your website mobile friendly. In fact, we will create accelarated mobile pages for your website. Apart from this, we will prepare search analytics report for your website.

We use extended filter like devices, search types and dates while preparing reports. Additionally, we solve manual penalties from Google. We track and treat it by looking into your Google Search Console.

9. Cloud Setup

As today every website owner wants to host his website in cloud. Hence, SITENOL provides cloud setup services.

As you know Amazon AWS, Google Cloud platform, Microsoft Azure and DigitalOcean are leading cloud service providers. In case you want to deploy your application in cloud. Our team can do all the tasks from scratch.

Moreover, our team provides end to end monitoring services. Additionally, we will install and maintain all the required tools for you.

Please do not forget to contact me at using contact us page for services as it is free of cost.

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