Tips to learn Spring framework- must learn Core Java, JSP, Servlet, JDBC

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In this article I will give tips to learn spring framework. I suggest Java trainees to learn JSP, Servlet and JDBC before Spring framework. Unless you know basics; It is hard to learn Spring framework. So in order to learn Spring; you must learn basics. Not only Spring framework, but JSP, Servlet and JDBC are also important.

I have trained more than hundred professionals in JSF, Spring, JSP, Servlet, EJB and Hibernate. 

Should I learn JSP, Servlet, JSF or only Spring is enough to get Java Job quickly ? Many freshers ask this question to me. They put more pressure on Spring framework. They do not want to learn JSP and Servlet at all.

That is fine Spring framework is a hot cake. Both developers as well as automation engineers should know Spring framework. Here is some tips to learn Spring framework.

Tips to learn Spring framework – books and websites

Here is some tips to learn Spring framework. You should read good books. Two books I like the most.

  1. Pro Spring by Chris Schaefer, Clarence Ho, Rob Harrop.
  2. Spring Recipes A Problem-Solution Approach by Daniel Rubio, Josh Long, Gary Mak, Marten Deinum

For better learning, You must do the examples in Spring. You can find good examples online. In other words, learn by doing. Some websites such as springbyexample.org, mkyong.com, tutorialspoint.com, java4s.com, journaldev.com are good source.

Video learning is the best way. You can find free videos on Youtube. Search Spring tutorial in Google. You will find quality videos. Paid videos are available at udemy.com.

In case you stuck with any issue, ask it in portals like StackOverflow and CodeRanch. These forums can solve your all kind of Java programming problem.

Components of Spring framework :

Discussing tips to learn Spring framework.
Components of Spring framework : IOC, AOP, JDBC Template, J2EE, Spring MVC.

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Mostly we use Spring IOC, Spring MVC modules. Spring provides efficient ways to use Java technology. In case you want to write JDBC code, you can simply use Spring JDBC template. It eases development by removing boilerplate code. One more example is you can use Spring IOC module to create bean which you can use inside JSP.

You must learn Core Java, JSP, Servlet, JDBC

Servlet is a java program which runs at server side. JSP is a simple HTML page. You can place your java code inside JSP. JDBC supports database operations in Java. Must learn JSP and Servlet before Spring for becoming a Java developer. These two are server side technologies and quite simple to learn.

Benefits to learn Core Java, JSP, Servlet, JDBC

There are many benefits to learn JSP, Servlet and JDBC. First You get in depth knowledge about web server. Deployment of web application in web server. It boosts your debugging skill. You will learn to use Eclipse ide. Moreover Servlet and JSP contains web.xml file. It helps you to understand a web application architecture. Even working with Spring also needs all these. Not only Spring, but you can learn Angular Js, Node JS and Jquery easily.

In the last, Spring framework supports to all Java technologies. It helps to write optimised code. You can write well optimised JSP code using Spring framework, but it needs JSP knowledge. So you should learn JSP, Servlet and JDBC before Spring framework.

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Hope you enjoyed learn Spring framework reading. Once you learnt Spring basics, learn Spring Boot also. It will boost your technical health.

After all some good references you must read :


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