Internship questions students ask before their internship

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In this article we are providing list of various internship questions students ask to us before starting their internship. Internship is one of the important step in your career building.

Internship is a better way to get familiar with work environment in a company. Students are worried about internship during completion of their degree.

Many students get success in getting a good internship. Getting internship opportunity with a well known company is desirable but needs effort.

Internship questions students ask to me

There were lot of questions running in our mind while writing this article. We are remembering the questions asked to us by our readers. We and adding some more from our side.

Which company is the best choice for doing my internship?

This is one of the internship questions student ask to me oftenly.

It is always better to do internship from MNC like Oracle, Microsoft, TCS, Wipro, Cognizant, DBS, Wells Fargo, TeraData etc. Doing internship from these companies depends on your skills and company requirement. 

Every company provides internship to limited professionals per year. They also provide job offer later based on the performance. Many students set good examples during their internship and get job offers.

Second part of this is internship is also meant for learning. So you can also choose a start-up company if they are providing you an offer.

Note – Before joining to any start up you should be clear that company is genuine and registered with your Government.

Where should I register my profile for getting better internship offers?

There are websites which are working as a media for companies and the students. I am mentioning the list of websites you should register for better internship offers.

FirstNaukari :

First naukari is the part of large job portal naukari.com. It is well known that naukari.com has a large number of companies in its database. Due to this reason chances are high for internship if you will register with firstnaukari.com.

Internshala :

Internshala is the first recommendation. They do not allow companies to post internship if they are not providing salary to interns. They have wide range of companies listed in their profile.

Letsintern :

Letsintern is another place for students who are looking for internship program. It is growing day by day. Letsintern.com is now a part of Aspiring Minds – the global leader in employability assessment. It is on the way to become a great place for interns.

Can I do internship from home?

Yes. You can do internship from home. It depends on the company from where you are doing your internship.
Some companies offer internship from home. You need to go few days or limited days if required.

Is working from home during my internship is a relevant experience?

Yes. It is relevant because company has offered you such kind of facility. Moreover, while working from home during internship you will learn to work from remote places.

You will conduct online meeting with your mentor. This is how you have to work in future with your remote clients so it has positive effective.

I am in Delhi, Can I do internship in Banglore or in other parts of India from home?

Yes. You can do. Again it depends on the company. If company hires you and assure you about this then you can do it. 

In some cases like sales & marketing internship where interaction is important. Mostly company will not allow you to work remotely.

Should I do internship if company is not giving stippen to me?

Main aim of internship should be learning. In case company offers work to you, welcome it. Money is secondary thing. You will earn after learning skills. At least you will have an idea about company working environment.

Do companies take interview before offering an internship?

Yes. Companies asks basic questions which are from your academics, logical & problem solving skills. This is the only way to short out the best interns. You should be prepared for interview without any doubt.

Is companies keep percentage criteria?

Yes & No. It depends on the company. If company prefer technical skills, logical & problem solving skills over percentage then no need to worry about percentage. It is recommended that you should have at least 60%. Some companies also consider upto 55%.

This is all about internship related questions. Hope this may have solved your lot of doubts. In case you want to ask any question please drop your comment.

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