Is working in Startup company brings good results?

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Few months back I wrote one article Java fresher job – required technical and personal skills. Basically the article was based on my own job search experience.

I also shared my friends experience. In fact, I received a good amount of comments, popularity and appreciation from our blog readers.

Some audience asked a pretty well question about startup. Moreover, one comment given by one of our blog reader Nidhi –

A wonderful article! Very informative…
How should a fresher Java developer start out, so that he/she can gain enough experience and in 3-4 years shift to a high end company like Wipro, HCL, Flipkart etc?
Do you know good any startup companies where such valuable experience can be gained??

Also, what is the importance of mathematics for a programmer, what kind of mathematical algorithms should we practice our hands on?

Please do reply.. Thanks in advance!

Question is pretty good. In fact, we can just answer it as yes or no. But really, do you not think this question is very deep in it? We should answer in more real way along with real examples.

There is lot of real time question people asks about a startups. In fact, these questions are really significant, meaningful and valuable.

Let us discuss about startups today keeping all thoughts in mind. Please give your thoughts after reading this article.

What is startup?

According to Neil Blumenthal, co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker

“A startup is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed.”

There are many definition present about startups. For me a startup is :

  1. A company which has been founded recently with a vision of success. A vision to improve or enhance some services, products in a particular field.
  2. Still it is looking for growth and stability. There is a lot of focus, success still needs to achieve.
  3. It is operating in one or two countries. Number of employees range among 50 to 500.
  4. Client base limits to 1 to 5.
  5. As per common people definition it is not well known company like Amazon, Dell, Google, Infosys, Facebook.

Importance of startups and why are startups required today?

I am real supporter of startups. I have worked in three startups. An startup sometimes brings a huge change and set an example for the world. They really ends the gap in any service or product.

Remember the time when Narayan Murthy and his team was shaping their venture Infosys – an Indian pride. It is an excellent example of software based startup in India.

Established in 1981, today it has reached on everyone’s tongue but not in its early age. We all know how Infosys has changed Indian software industry. It was a result of quality work with confidence.

I can remember when Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong started as an E-commerce ventures in India. Do you not think they have changed the shopping tradition in India. Today India is 3rd internet user in the world

Startups really fill the gap of employment in a country. They are shaping good amount of talents today. They are helping in their country’s economy and increasing GDP rate.

Advantages of a working in startup

There is a lot of advantages while working with a startup company.

  1. Startup companies give importance to their employees more than established one. You will get more attention and help.
  2. Startup companies are more customer oriented. They will count your deliverables, dedication and quality of work. For good growth complete your work on time and put good quality in it.
  3. You will get the most possible hike percentage depending on your working project.
  4. You can reach to higher management with great ease.
  5. Moreover, in startup companies you will get more work and responsibilities. Due to this You will become a master in your technology.
  6.  There is a possibility that you can get good opportunity like handling a complete project. Even though you are a fresher you can be assigned a task equal to team leads and project managers.
  7.  Another key point, Startups can turn into a mighty company. You can get a good place in the organization.

Disadvantages of of a working in a startup

  1. As You will get more attention and help. Chances are you need to perform consistently.
  2. As Startup companies are more customer oriented. You have to put quality and good time in your work.
  3. They use to count all your activities. You will be always near to management so risk is also high. A small mistake can result bigger.
  4. You will have less but tight competition in startups. Failing on one measurement can cost you.
  5. Startups are not secure like well established companies. For example in well established companies if you are on bench there is less chances you will be fired but startups will not allow you to be with them in idle case. Even though it is a matter of situation.
  6. You need to be more active and innovative. Startups need extra participation from you. Even though you are a fresher and chances are you will work as a module lead or team lead.
  7. Startup are on the path to create work history in its first three to five years. They are newly started so they will be more serious on delivery, quality and time management. You can imagine it as a fresher in the business world.

Verify work environment, clients, projects and legal aspects before joining a startup company?

In case you have decided to join a startup company. There are some things needs to validate. There are advantages as well as disadvantages of a startups.

Verify environment of a startup company before joining?

You should verify a startup company work environment before joining to it. Because there is lot of factor which may affect your career. Keep these factors in mind.

  1. There are some companies which will start as family business with lack of vision. Less experienced people take decision in such companies. Apart from this, they lack in vision, focus on work culture and office environment. People will sleep in office. I have examples but not willing to hurt anyone. These type of companies have no future.
  2. You should choose a company where industry experienced people are in the management team. They have a good track record. They have experience and ability to run a company. Join a company started by a talented professional. Since they have completed many projects, they are ready to handle technical matters. This kind of professionals really make a difference.

Verify clients and projects with startup

Before joining any startup please verify their project and clients. This is very simple process and company itself tells you. Both clients and projects should be well known.

I worked in startups like Jarus Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. since February 2010 to 21st January 2015. I stayed a long time and have a fruitful career. In Jarus Technologies I was developing policy administration system for Farmers Alliance – A well known insurance company in USA. I learned a lot in JSF, Spring and Hibernate. Due to this I am able to write in depth tutorials on JSF.

After Jarus technologies I joined ATMECS Technologies which have a good client base. Clients for ATMECS Technologies in their second financial year – Citrix, HP – cloud services, Entertainment Partners (USA), Ilook T.V. I joined this company after looking at its top management people and their will to grow in positive direction and putting a quality in each event. Really this company is growing with a rapid speed.

Verify a startup is legal in your country

You should verify a startup from legal point of view. You will hear many startups are closing their shutters within a year. There were several reasons behind it.

  1. They lost their clients or failed to perform well for clients.
  2. They were not putting good work environment and quality. But They were trying to engage their employees using agreements forcefully. Due to this reason and their employees sued them. I will write an article about employee rights and provide a link here.
  3. They were illegal and not registered with the Government. Verify the company registration details in your country’s Government website. In India you can verify a company name by entering its name in Ministry of Corporate Affairs website. You need to enter startup company name in Company or LLP Name field and then click on search link.

To sum up in the last join a startup company. Improve your technical ability.

Thanks for reading this article!

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