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Neale Rudd from Metawerx has revealed quality matters

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Interview with Neale Rudd, Metawerx Pty Ltd

My enthusiasm towards web hosting topics has achieved one more goal. I personally taken an interview of Neale Rudd, Managing Director at Metawerx Pty Ltd., Australia. A wonderful personality, having great knowledge in Java technologies.

Neale Rudd has revealed valuable points about his company. Metawerx maintains its quality measures. Metawerx is always an early adopter of new Java Technologies. Metawerx is serving great clients. I am today with that quality sharing at sitenol.com

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Tarun : Do you have any specific and special things about Metawerx web hosting company?

Neale Rudd : We specialise in high-security, high-reliability java hosting for the enterprise. Our customers are mainly insurance companies, medical companies, 24/7 security-monitoring or environmental-control monitoring companies which rely upon “always-available” systems.

For example, one of our customers makes refrigerator control temperature monitoring devices. They use these devices in factories all over Australia which make cheese or milk. The devices are connected to Metawerx 24/7, providing temperature data and humidity data. Our customer uses that data in their application to create charts and generate alerts if the temperature rises or drops too quickly. If the temperature drops or rises, then the refrigeration system has a problem, and that can affect the cheese/milk or other products and cause a problem causing $10000’s. Therefore, it is important our systems are running smoothly.

Another example is insurance companies. Our customers have their own clients – those clients may have an insurance claim, or they want to check on their insurance benefits. It is very important that the website is available all the time. If there is any downtime, it makes the company look very bad, or look unprofessional. Therefore, these customers use Metawerx to make sure their website is available all the time and that they have good support when there is a problem.

One more example is remote database hosting. We have over 200 sports clubs, gymnasiums and fitness centers connected directly to our database servers 24/7. When a gymnasium member enters a club and uses their card to gain access, that data is transmitted to our server for authorisation. These systems use an MS-Windows desktop application, and are connected to our database servers over SSH 24/7.

We charge more than other hosting providers. We are more expensive). However, we provide a higher level of service and more features.

We specialise in high security and high availability.

For example, we were the first website/company in the world to score 100% on the SSLLabs test (ssllabs.com). We also have a mobile-ready control panel and application. It allows you to restore your backups, restart your JVM, tail your logs in real-time, or administer your email accounts all from your Apple or Android device. We were also the first company in the world to create a system which performs any of these functions.

We have been specialising in Java and Database hosting since 1997.

We do not provide free trial hosting accounts. We are mainly focussed in the professional area. Metawerx accepts customers who are paying $100 – $2000/month USD for their services. We communicate with them personally to meet their requirements.

Also you might find many interesting things on our wiki about JSP and servlets – especially information about web.xml and how you can use it for various purposes.


Metawerx is recognized by Google

Even Google uses our wiki for their official reference in GoogleAppEngine:


Future Plans of Metawerx Pty Ltd (Java Web Hosting Company, Australia)

Due to the success of our high-reliability cluster system, we will soon be releasing a “cloud” version of our services.

Anyone will be able to sign up, pay $10 USD and use our services “by the hour”. Costs will be around $0.02/hour for basic services.

When the credit expires, the customer will be “hibernated” until they top up their services.

We will never provide artificial “unlimited traffic, unlimited disk, unlimited everything” like our competitors do. We will charge appropriately and provide quality services for professional companies.

Thanks to Neale Rudd (http://wiki.metawerx.net/wiki/NealeRudd) for sharing these wonderful things about Metawerx.

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