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Review : Metawerx Java Web Hosting Company, Australia

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Dear friends! Today I have come with lot of useful information about Metawerx – a java web hosting company. Metawerx is one of the world’s promising, prominent and purely java web hosting oriented company in Australia.

Metawerx is serving clients all over the world. They have very strict rules in choosing hosting clients. They do not accept hosting request if it do not meet their criteria. You can check it by sending mail to them. In case they have confirmed your hosting account, you have 100% safety assurance and uptime guarantee. I came to know with some of their quality clients.

I am in progress to write one more article. In that article I would share the latest technology updates, clients, news and discounts with Metawerx web hosting, Australia. I will share link.

Based on their support to my mail, I will say Metawerx has excellent customer support. This article is an honest review of Metawerx.

Metawerx logo
Credit : Metawerx Official Logo

Mr. Neale Rudd has answered the questions about company, sales, technical, billing and support . I am very much thankful to him for his quick support.

Review about Metawerx History and Speciality

Q : Please give a brief description about Metawerx history, achievements, awards and work environment?
A : Metawerx started hosting commercially in October 1997. Since that time, our focus has been primarily on Java, databases and Java-related technologies. Over the years, our platform has become very focussed on security and reliability (failover systems) and making it easy to deploy your applications to our platform.

We were the first to:
– host Java servlets/JSP in Australia (JDK1)
– offer Java 7 and Java 8 environments as part of our standard platform
– offer the TomEE Java-EE container environment
– obtain 100% on the SSL Labs test

Q : What you find different in Metawerx than other java web hosting companies?
A : 1. A dedicated Java platform for development and production deployments. 2. Experienced support from real developers. 3. High reliability, high security. 4. We are always first to adopt the latest technology.

Moreover I found that they have purely java developers in their team. I read one personal story about Metawerx technical support at http://www.servlets.com/isps/servlet/ISPReviewView?id=16

John Litter said about Metawerx : My developer left me stranded and I found that the support team at Metawerx went out of their way to help me get updates and changes made. I have never experienced such prompt customer service and support, way beyond the call of duty. The team at Metawerx are a shining example of what IT support and service should be for the clients they attract. In my book you are “Simply The Best”. John Littler

Please keep on reading to know more about Technical, Billing and support of Metawerx.

Reviewing Metawerx java web hosting on technical front

Q : There are many technologies to build a website. As a hosting provider which technologies supported by you? Please provide the names of the technologies.
A : Java, including JSP, Hibernate, Struts, JRuby, Groovy, Clojure, Scala and all other technologies that run on the Java Virtual Machine

POP3 and IMAP mail, with webmail

Q : What are the types of web hosting packages provided by Metawrex?
A : We offer a Java Cloud with Shared JVMs or Private JVMs. We also offer managed or unmanaged dedicated servers. We do not provide VPS at this time, there are plenty of other providers already specialising in VPS.

Q : Is shared hosting is enough for a small website or a blog? Many companies promises to provide unlimited web hosting but at a certain time they use to say to move to VPS hosting. What are the cases leads a cutomer should move to VPS hosting from shared hosting?
A : Our cloud platform grows to match your requirements and your JVM runs on a load-balanced cluster. We do not offer VPS, and we do not offer “unlimited” services.

There is really no such thing as “unlimited” anything, as you know.Companies who offer unlimited services will limit you in other ways, such as network speed, or force you to upgrade when you reach a predefined limit.

Customers should evaluate their actual and future requirements and approach a web-hosting company with that information.

Q : Please tell the VPS hosting features with you? what is the rate currently for VPS hosting ?(note : applicable as per 2014)
A : N/A. Metawerx not supports VPS hosting.

Q : Please share you dedicated hosting features with readers? what is the rate currently for dedicated hosting? (note : applicable as per 2014)
A : This depends on the server you want to lease and the server management environment. As at 2014, our prices range from $179-$$$$

Q : Do you provide reseller hosting with you? what is the rate and its features (note : applicable as per 2014)?
A : Yes.
If you are a reseller working with a number of small business clients, you can use a single JVM to host them all, or move larger ones out to their own JVMs if they become large enough. You can provide a dedicated Mail Server Administration interface to each of your clients. We also offer commissions on additional hosting accounts.

Q : Are your servers equipped with the latest hardware and softwares? Please tell our readers in depth?
A : Operating systems are patched daily on all servers. We run the latest versions of Tomcat and Java, as well as older versions. Hardware is added and removed from our cloud platform as required, depending on demand and utilisation expectations.

Q : What about security of hosted website with you? Please let us know about email security, server security, payment security, account security, payment gateway security with you?
A : There is too much information to cover here in a short answer. I recommend you visit our security page to view each category. http://www.metawerx.net/host/security.htm

Q : In case of hacked website, how can website be recovered from starting? Do you provide free back up services? In case back up is chargeable, please share the yearly rate?
A : There are 30 days of daily snapshots of your website, and 14 days of database snapshots. If your website is hacked, you can restore individual files or entire folders online using our control panel.

Q : What are the other services you provide other than web hosting?
A :  1. Secure mail server hosting 2. Subversion hosting 3. Remote database services 4. Server management

Q : Why are you a top choice as a Java web hosting company?
A : The reason we are a top choice as a Java Web Hosting company, is that we focus on Java. We can ensure your production system stays online and we can provide experienced Java programming and deployment support.

Sales and Billing Review of Metawerx Web Hosting Company

Q : What are the various payment option with you? Can client pay your charges on EMI basis?
A : Sorry, I’m not sure what EMI stands for. We provide Credit Card, Bank Transfer and PayPal.

Q : Please mention the ways to upgrade the accounts with you? For example in case I want to upgrade my shared web hosting to VPS web hosting?
A : To upgrade your plan, you email us with your new requirements, and we will adjust your billing to match. We do not offer VPS hosting.

Q : Do you have any discount offers with your?
A : Yes, please see our special offers page. http://www.metawerx.net/host/specialoffers.htm

Customer Support Questions to Metawerx Web Hosting Company

Q : Please share about you support system? What is average response time promised to a customer?
A : Phone support during business hours, 24×7 email support for paying customers, Toll free number in Australia, Our average response time is 2 hours, with a qualified response.

Q : What is the average number of support tickets you use to  get from your customers?
A : It depends if they provide the information we need in their original email. If no error message or detail is provided, we need to ask them for that information before we can assist with the problem.

The above interview is copyrighted to Metawerx and Sitenol. This can not be republished on any other website or blog. Thanks for reading the honest review of Metawerx web hosting company. Hope you have loved it!

Please visit Metawerx official website for the latest updates.

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