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7 must have technical checklist required for Java Web Hosting. How DailyRazor fits these criteria?

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In this article we will explain you about the 7 high priority technical features checklist  for Java web hosting.

Selecting a Java web hosting is not as much easy as WordPress or .net hosting as we have explained the
bitter truth in this article How to choose a Java Web hosting? Why did we select DailyRazor for us and Our Clients?

You should check the below mentioned Java web hosting technical features available with a web host before going for it. If you have validated everything before buying a hosting service, you should not feel helpless. If I have to choose a Java shared hosting I would check below mentioned features in them. Apart from these 7 features there are so many other benefits we should look but these features should not be compromised.

1. Complete Java language and related framework support

Today almost all the large web applications are running on java. We can build a rich user interface web applications using Java and its supported technology. So whenever we have to choose hosting for our Java web application, we should check that hosting companies are supporting these technologies.

  1. JSP 2.2/2.1/2.0
  2. Servlet 3.0/2.5/2.4
  3. Tomcat 5.5.x/6.0.x/7.0.x
  4. JDK 1.4/1.5/1.6/1.7 [This is the point you must check for update. Do your web host support the latest version. Must check it.]
  5. JDBC
  6. log4j
  7. Struts 2/1
  8. Hibernate
  9. Spring
  10. OpenJMS
  11. JSTL
  12. Java Server Faces (JSF)
  13. PrimeFaces
  14. RichFaces
  15. MyFaces
  16. ICEFaces
  17. LifeRay
  18. Grails
  19. Stripes
  20. Apache Wicket
  21. Tapestry
  22. Taglibs
  23. Cocoon
  24. SiteMesh
  25. JPA
  26. WebSockets
  27. Makumba
  28. GWT

2. Always updated with the latest version

Java is a very powerful language. Updates in Java is like our breakfast, lunch and dinner. I mean to say Java updates happen on regular basis. So we would like to check with our web host that how much it is supportive with the latest updates.

While writing this article Java 7 has been already introduced. If you are using Java 7 the latest version of Servers (Tomcat, Jboss), log frameworks, web frameworks, ORM frameworks should be updated accordingly. What I want to say here suppose your web application is 2.5 version, web host must have tomcat 6.20.X or above version with them otherwise your web application will not work.

3. Servers and Server Control (Start, Stop, Restart)

I would suggest to check for availability Tomcat, Jboss. Almost all the Java web host provide Tomcat Server with their basic plan.

Moreover you must check the ways to start, restart and stop server. The most shared Java hosting providers have ticket system for this function. You need to submit a ticket to stop, restart or stop server.

You are a king of Java hosting if you have private tomcat hosting Java hosting with DailyRazor. I would suggest to check private tomcat hosting  with DailyRazor. You would love it. They are having an affordable pricing, reliable support and good experience with Java Hosting. The most of the web masters suggest to host Java websites with DailyRazor’s private Tomcat Hosting.

4. War and Jar file deployment

Please check the way of jar and war files deployment. Can you access your .war and .jar files through SSH / FTP?

5. Database support

Java development supports all kind of Databases. So why not we should look for the database support feature with our web host.
I would suggest to check they are supporting FREE database hosting for MySQL, MySQL InnoDB, Microsoft SQL Server Hosting, PostgreSQL 8.

It would be better if you can get these java database hosting features with your web host.

1. MySQL latest version.
2. FREE Microsoft SQL Server Hosting
3. Remote Database Admin supported
4. Separate Servers for SQL Server Database Hosting
5. Multiple MySQL / PostgreSQL Databases per Account
6. Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2005/2012
7. Enough MS SQL Server Database Storage Space
8. MS SQL Server Remote Access Management
10. SQL DBO Right
11.Storage Procedures
12. MS SQL Full Text Search
13. SQL Backup and SQL Restore
14. SQL Management Studio Access Allowed

phpMyAdmin / phpPgAdmin Web based database admin tool

It is an ice on cake. All the hosting service providers are providing this support.

6. 24/7 Technical support

Your hosting company should give value to your support. I would go with a web host which has 24/7 online support.

7. Shared Tomcat hosting plan

The basic Java hosting is shared hosting. Please check the shared hosting features of the web host. Compare it with others. Please do not compromise with above mentioned features. We found DailyRazor features much suitable. So we are hosting our Java website with DailyRazor. Please have a look on Shared Java Hosting with DailyRazor. Please compare their shared and private hosting plans. You would enjoy Java hosting with them.

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