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HPE Digital Catalyst Program to uplift tech startups in India

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HPE Digital Catalyst Program is an initiative of Indian government to uplift tech startups. Under this program, Startup India is working in association with HP Enterprises. So, the program name is “HPE Digital Catalyst Program“.

So, today in this article we will tell you about HPE Digital Catalyst Program. HP Enterprises will promote digital startups under this program. In order to know everything about this program, please read this article till end.

About HPE Digital Catalyst Program

Basically, the purpose of this program is to uplift technology startups in India. Since India is a huge consumer market. In order to utilize this market for economical growth of country, we need to promote make in india products.

If we promote technology in this country and give birth to new startups, then it will have a big impact on the economy of the country. Basically, HP enterprises is helping Startup India to achieve this goal.

So, under this program, Startup India is working in association with HP Enterprises. In fact, This program comes under PM Modi’s self-reliant India campaign.

In order to achieve this thought, the Startup India in association with HP Enterprise launched HPE Digital Catalyst Program.

The entire scheme will be completed by mid-December of 2021. So, by mid-December, all these startups will complete their assigned projects.

Now, let us tell you which early startups are eligible under this scheme.

Eligible Tech Startups under HPE Digital Catalyst Program

To clarify, startups who work in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, DevSecOps, Cybersecurity & Intelligent Edge are eligible.

So, the program will focus on partnering with startups working in the following areas :

Artificial Intelligence : Data integration, mgmt., prep and stream, ML mgmt. and ops, applied AI – NLP, CV, fintech etc.
DevSecOps : Low/No Code, API mgmt., Container mgmt., automation, serverless etc.
Cybersecurity : Identity and access mgmt., micro segmentation, network visibility, device discovery, behavior, auto response
Intelligent Edge: Edge processing, IoT/OT platforms, 5G ecosystem, function specific silicon etc.

Application Last date

In order to enroll for this program tech startups must apply by 19th July 2021.

Let us tell you that the applications was issued on 7 April 2021. Finally, The announcement of the cohort will be done on August 2, 2021.

How to apply for HPE Digital Catalyst Program

So, you can apply for this scheme by clicking this startup India website link. You can also apply from HPE Digital Catalyst Program website.

In order to apply for this scheme, you will have to give information about your startups. Basically,You have to give basic information about your tech startup. For example – startup registration details, team size, age of startup etc.

Benefits to startup under HPE Digital Catalyst Program

In short, Tech startups will get ample amount of benefit.

Firstly, Startups will get business mentors. Theses mentors will not only guide them on product business perspective but will also help startups in marketing. So, you can image how much strong marketing team will be.

Secondly, Tech startups will get technical mentors also. So, apart from getting business mentors startups will get technical mentors also. Similarly, these tech mentors will help startups in architecting technical solutions and completion.

Thirdly, startups will get benefits in designing prototype of their products. In fact, a strong prototype is important for any product. Thus, they will get this benefit also.

In addition to this, startups will get GTM (go to market) support also. It means not only product design but startups will get instant help in marketing their products also. Once solution is approved and validated, startups will get showcase opportunity in market.

In spite of this, startups will get partnership opportunity with HP Enterprises. Then tech startups can launch their product with HP Enterprises. Moreover, selection procedure is hard so startups need to focus on their product quality.

Above all, most awaited benefit is investors access. So hold down, startups will have access to huge investors. Tech startups can further seek investment for their product. Anyways, they are baby of startups India and HPE so chances are always high to get investors.

In short, Tech stratups will get help in team creation, project protype, funding & marketing by mentors. In fact, a proper mentoring from start to end.

Conclusion :

Friends, in conclusion, I would say HPE digital catalyst program is a part of the self-reliant India initiative. Once you get selected under this scheme, then your future will be very good.

Above all, startups will enjoy benefits of business, marketing and technical mentorship. Therefore, you should apply this form as soon as possible and apart from this, you should focus on making better products.

The best part is that you can also get a partnership opportunity with HP Enterprise. If I am not wrong then you have 100 percent chance of partnering with HP.

To be frank, anyone who is interested in HPE Digital Catalyst program should fill their application soon.

We anticipate that HP Enterprises’ program will come in future also. Therefore, if you have not been able to take advantage of this scheme, then always keep checking website of Startup India and do register yourself.

In case you need more detail, you can visit HPE Digital Catalyst Program website.

Finally, Many thanks to all of you for reading this article on the HPE Digital Catalyst Program. If you need any further information related to this program of Startup India, then tell us in the comment box. In fact, we will be happy to assist.

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Thank you!

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