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About Keyword Rank Tool - Check your keyword position in Google and Yahoo

Let us learn and use Keyword rank tools. Frequently it is also referred to as a Keyword position tool.

How to check Keyword Position using this SEO tool ? 

In order to use our Keyword rank tool please follow these steps :

  • In the first input box you need to enter your site URL.
  • Further in the second text box you need to enter keywords for which you want to check Google and Yahoo ranking.

Once you have entered these details, please click on the submit button. Just wait for 1-2 seconds. The latest keywords rank in the search engine will display soon.

For better and quick results please enter a maximum of 10 keywords at once.

What is the importance of Keyword Rank in search engines ?

Ranking for keywords is the success key to get organic traffic. This tool helps you scientifically to check your keyword ranking. So you can use our Keyword position tool to check your keywords rank in search engines.

Every blogger or website owner dreams to rank higher in search engines for their marketing keywords. Our tool helps you to measure your search engine ranking instantly. It is a few second effort for you to check keyword rank for your website.

So using our keyword position tool you can check your ranking immediately. Afterwards you can plan your keyword placements in your article properly.

How Keyword Position checker works ?

This tool fetches the search results for requested keywords from search engines. Afterwards it calculates the position of your site for that particular keyword. Hence this keyword rank tool displays the output to you.

How to rank higher with Keyword rank tool - Tips to optimize your search friendly content

In order to rank higher in keyword rank tool. You need to follow these rules -

  • Write unique content.
  • Do not over optimize keywords. For example if you have an article of 300 words then your keyword should come maximum 5 times only.
  • Daily write fresh contents. In case you write daily content your chances are high to rank well. Because Google gives importance to websites updated daily.
  • Make sure your website is loading faster. Because fast loading websites get more numbers for ranking factors.
  • Use an SSL certificate in your website. Google updated its ranking algorithm. So websites without SSL will rank lower.
  • Use properly optimised images.
  • Write your articles keeping Google search algorithms in mind. For example Google algorithms like Panda, RankBrain are the most important for your article.
  • Focus on on-page and off-page seo.
  • Use social media to promote and share your content. Content shared on social media is considered valuable.
  • Make sure your bounce rate is at least 70%. Bounce rate of more than 80% is not good.


Website ranking is a science. You need to plan your articles properly. Keep the points mentioned above in mind to rank higher in search engines.

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