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About Google Malware Checker tool - Scan your website for malware and virus

Let us learn about the Google Malware checker tool. We will also guide you to test your blog or website for malware and viruses using Google Malware checker tool.

How to test website using Google Malware checker tool ?

In order to test your website for malware and viruses, you can use our Google Malware checker tool. Now let us see how to test your site for malware and viruses using this tool.

Please enter your website's blog URL in the text box. Afterwards, please click on the submit button to perform the scan. Once you click the submit button, it will navigate you to Google transparency report URL.

If everything looks fine, Google will display "No unsafe content found" message.

Importance of Malware free website

For sure websites contain malware and viruses do not rank well in search engines. Because these websites will inject malware or viruses in their visitors' laptops.

So to avoid this, we need to scan our websites and blogs for malware. You can do this on a regular interval to make sure your website is safe.

Some web hosting companies provide free malware scans for their customers. For example Dreamhost, DailyRazor, Bluehost and Hostgator are few hosting providers who provide malware/virus scanning for their hosting customer.

There are a lot of hosting providers. But I have tested the above mentioned hosting companies. You can also go for Siteground, Inmotion hosting.

How to fix website Malware and Viruses

There are many recommended ways to fix your blog malware. Please find few tips below :

  • Firstly you should use an SSL certificate for your website. In case you are not using then please start using today. This will solve your malware problem up to a good extent.
  • In case you are using a CMS application. For example Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento then please make sure to update to the latest version. Please read this in depth article to know more.
  • Moreover here is one more in depth article on professional services to remove website malwares and viruses.
  • Do not display some important information about your website. for example if you are using Wordpress then do not disclose version and other security information.
  • Give proper folder permissions to avoid unwanted access.

In case you are not an expert then use a proper website hosting provider. I will suggest you check with your hosting provider about malware prevention.


Finally, you learnt how to scan your website for malware or viruses using Google Malware checker tool.

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