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Article Rewriter Tool - Free online tool to generate plagiarism free article

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About Article Rewriter Tool - Free online tool to generate plagiarism free article

Article Rewriter is a 100% free online tool. It rewrites your article and makes it unique by removing duplicate content online.

How to use 100% free online Article Rewrite Tool explained

The Article Rewriter tool is completely free. It is very easy to use our Article Rewriter tool.

To use this tool, please follow the below given steps :

  • Copy your article using Ctrl+C in Windows & Command+C in Mac.
  • Please remember we do not allow more than 1000 characters.
  • Remove unnecessary symbols to get good results.
  • Paste the content in the text field.
  • Once you have pasted the content, please click on the submit button.
  • Now you will receive brand new content which is Google plagiarism free.

Moreover, we request you to write unique content from your side. After writing unique content, you can use our Article Rewrite tool for better results.

Why to use an Article Rewriter tool ?

There are a lot of reasons to use the Article Rewriter tool. Search engines like unique content. So you need this free online article rewrite tool.

We will take a few examples to elaborate it. Google index unique content higher. Unique content means a lot. The content written by you is unique content. Because it is written by you.

A content that was not published earlier online and offline is a unique content. So you should write content in your words. Later you can use our Article Rewriter tool to make it more unique.

Benefits of Article Rewriter Tool

There are a lot of benefits of using our Article Rewriter tool. Once you write content using our tool. Google loves your content due to its uniqueness. You are legally relaxed because duplicate contents are harmful.

Either it is a search engine or readers, both like unique content. Both gives priority to unique content.

Our Tool users

There are a lot of people who use our tool. Bloggers, Webmasters, SEO professionals, students and E-commerce website owners use our Article Rewrite tool.


Finally you have understood the importance of our free online Article Rewriter tool. You have also learnt how to rewrite your article using this tool.

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