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Keyword Density Checker Tool - Use to avoid keyword stuffing & overoptimism

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About Keyword Density Checker Tool - Use to avoid keyword stuffing & overoptimism

Let us learn more about keyword density checker tools and its significance. Here we will explain to you the significance of the Keyword density tool. We will also explain to you how to use our keyword density tool.

How to use Keyword Density checker tool

In order to use our keyword density tool, please follow these steps.

  • Enter the page URL or your blog url. You can also test Google Blogger URL.
  • Once you have entered the URL, please click on the submit button.
  • Wait for a few seconds, hardly one-two seconds. You will receive all the important keywords along with their density percentage.

That's it. Further read to know about the importance of Keyword density. Also how many keywords you should place for proper ranking.

Required percentage of Keyword density

If you are writing an article, definitely you must write for accurate ranking.

So that you will pay attention to positive key phrases for your article. Maximum of the time bloggers over optimise the key phrases.

Overoptimism is not good for Google ranking. Google penalises websites which over optimise keywords for better ranking. It's algorithm is capable of analysing the website content quality.

So you must not write articles over optimised for keywords. Overoptimism reduces the content quality.

As per some well reputed bloggers keyword density should not be more than 1-2%. So you should write content for your reader, not for ranking.

How do we calculate Keyword density ?

So here is the formula for the keyword density calculator.

Number of times the target keyword appears / Number of words on a webpage = Keyword density

For example you are writing for a keyword "low emi loan providers". So in your article this keyword should not come more than 2 times.

Moreover, you focus on including low, emi, loans and providers in more sentences. But do not repeat "low emi loan providers" repeatedly. This is a tip for you.


So you have understood the keyword density concept. You also understood how to use our keyword density checker tool.

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