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About Alexa Rank Checker Tool - Know your website/blog global rank

Let us learn about Alexa Rank Checker tool. In this article we will explain to you how to check website Alexa Rank using Sitenol Alexa rank checker tool.

How to check Alexa Rank using Sitenol Alexa rank checker seo tool ?

It is very easy to check your website or blog Alexa rank using our SEO tool. For checking Alexa rank please follow these steps :

  • First of all you need to enter your website URL in the text box. Please make sure not to enter a subdirectory URL. You should enter the root URL of your website. For example you should enter not
  • Once you have entered the website URL, please click on the submit button.
  • You will get your website Alexa rank. 

Along with Alexa rank you will also get regional traffic details. This tool also provides you information about website popular keywords. 

For example you can do an Alexa rank check for You will find that this website ranks higher for “sorry some problem occurred. Payumoney”. 

Similarly there are other keywords also for which this website ranks higher. You will get more information with Alexa premium support. This tool will expose a very high level Alexa information report.

Importance of Alexa rank checker tool

It helps to get information about any website. Suppose you want to get information about your competitor website. 

Using this tool you can get high level information about your competitor website.

Basically, SEO professionals use our tool to gather basic Alexa information about websites  before starting their project. 

This tool is important for bloggers. They use to track their Alexa rank using the Alexa rank checker tool. 

Alexa rank helps to measure the daily performance of a website. Because the Alexa tool runs the website audit daily. So you should keep an eye on your blogs or website Alexa rank using this seo tool.

How Alexa Decides website rank

There are many factors Alexa considers before deciding the rank of a website. 

Mainly traffic and its type are the most important factors. If your website gets more organic traffic then your chances are high to get good Alexa rank.

For example if you are getting a traffic of 500 visitors daily then your Alexa rank will be under 10 million. It can be under 500k also. 

Basically, Alexa is a very popular comparison tool for websites. Your rank will be decided on a comparative basis.

There are other factors also to decide Alexa rank. For example website load time, content, daily update frequency and design of the website.

So if your blog or website meets above all criteria then your chances are high to get better Alexa rank.

You can check your website rank daily using this Alexa Rank checker tool.


Finally, you learnt how to check your Alexa rank using the Alexa rank checker tool. You also learnt factors which affect Alexa rank of a blog. So please follow the instructions and work properly to get better Alexa rank.

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