Land purchase in India – map and RERA approval is important

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In this article I am going to provide tips about land purchase in India. I want you to make sure government guidelines before purchasing a land anywhere in India.

In case you fail to check RERA and map approval, it is a huge problem further.

HDFC Bank is one of the leading banks in India that offers a wide range of financial products and services, including home loans. In case you want to apply for home loans then you must have proper map and RERA approval.

Most of the loans in India are provided by private sector banks like HDFC, ICICI. Most of the people feel safer with private sector banks. Hence they give priority to private sector banks.

My options were HDFC and ICICI bank. I was more comfortable with HDFC bank. They offered me good rate of interest to me. But I also faced some problems with HDFC home loan.

But private sector banks are very strict in terms of map approval of your land.

Problem I faced with HDFC home loan :

For me map was the biggest problem. Due to pending map approval I faced several issues with my loan. I need to get all approvals. Later I repeated loan process.

My property was in village. Map was approved by Gram Panchayat. Builder has purchased it from a farmer. Land was slightly 200 meters away from Nagar Nigam.

Builder did not apply for RERA also. I came to know later. I again repeated all the process for RERA.

Anyways bank supported me. They helped to get valid approvals.

I got loan approval from bank. Map was approved by Gram Pradhan. As in government records it was a farming land.

Later my land included in Nagar Nigam area. I had to build one more storey. Then the problem started. Since the land was now in nagar nigam. I need approval from Vikas Pradhikaran.

Due to this reason I need to again repeat the entire process with my existing loan.

Suggestion before purchase a land in India :

So here I will suggest you to purchase land with great care in India. Validate all the documents properly. Make sure you are not in hurry. validate all the land documents like RERA certificate, map approval.

Also make sure layout has 30 feets wider road. Make sure parking area. In case your layout has RERA approval then you can blindly go ahead to purchase.

But if land has not RERA approvals please go not purchase it. In case Vikash Pradhikaran (DDA) is in your city, apply there for map approval.

I will suggest to hire an advocate from a reputed firm to validate your land.


Your investment should be safer. When you are investing your hard earn money please make sure you have all the legal approvals.

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